1 to 2 SECONDS
drinking water
food processing water
catch disease causing microbes at the source
before contaminated food gets to consumers
BiSen Tech, LLC is developing a fundamentally different technology that will permit continuous monitoring for, and real-time detection of, pathenogenic protozoa, bacteria, and viruses without human intervention.

Integrating microbiology and chemistry with semiconductor device physics, BiSen's patented sensor will be able to detect and identify target microbes within 1 to 2 seconds after they are exposed to a sensor array. 

With no requirement for target microbe preparation, no amplification, no culturing in a laboratory environment, no consumables, no moving parts and with the capability to self-regenerate, our sensor will enable continuous and remote monitoring for the presence of target pathogens. BiSen’s technology offers 1 – 2 second response time, unprecedented single-cell sensitivity and low operating cost. With these advantages, BiSen’s technology will fundamentally change the pathogen detection paradigm for food, water and air safety.

Countless illnesses and deaths could be prevented by a more effective method of monitoring food, water and air for the presence of deadly pathogens.  Today’s methods are suitable only for sample testing.  They are costly, time consuming and of limited availability, and they require consumables.  BiSen Tech’s patent protected sensor technology combines a new type of IC field effect transistor with existing molecular probe biotechnology to overcome the limitations of all other pathogen detection methodologies.  Devices using BiSen’s technology will be the first true sentinel devices capable of providing continuous monitoring for the presence of targeted pathogens at multiple points throughout the food and water chains from producer to consumer.  

Contaminated food never reaches the consumer.
Contaminated drinking water is detected before consumption.
Airborne pathogens can be detected for public safety.
No competing technology has the unique BiSen Tech advantages.
BiSen Tech, LLC
Sensing is Prevention