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True real-time detection of pathogens

Revolutionizing pathogen detection and identification with biosensor technology


At BiSen Tech, LLC we are changing the paradigm for pathogen detection with the development of a fundamentally different biosensor technology that will prevent human exposure to harmful microbes through continuous, on-site pathogen monitoring and near-instantaneous pathogen detection and identification.

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Real-Time Detection For:

Over a dozen countries have biological weapons in current development according to the U.S. Department of Justice, making detect-to-protect pathogen systems critical in biodefense operations.


Need $518M
US Market
by 2026 

One in ten people becomes ill and over 420,000 die each year from foodborne pathogens. Continuous, rapid detection of foodborne pathogens throughout the supply chain is critical for the protection of human health.

Need $9B
Global Market
by 2030

In the U.S. alone, waterborne pathogens are responsible for 7 million illnesses and $3 billion in healthcare expenses each year, making real time pathogen detection key to water quality improvement.

Need $2.3B
Global Market
by 2027

Infectious diseases kill more than 17 million people yearly. Point-of-care disease detection and identification with immediate results can prevent disease spread and the economic fallout and instability that come with widespread disease.

Need $3.9B
Global Market
by 2030

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Download our whitepaper for the details on BiSen Tech’s pathogen detection system.

Patented Biosensor for Continuous Environmental Monitoring

Our patented biosensor combines semiconductor device physics with cutting-edge biomolecular probe technology to form a highly sensitive, continuous environmental monitoring system that can simultaneously detect and identify multiple types of air- and waterborne pathogens.


This technology is cost-effective with unprecedented speed, no requirement for target microbe preparation or amplification, no culturing in a laboratory environment, no consumables, and no moving parts. 


Microbes ranging from bacteria to viruses to protozoa can be continuously detected within seconds with our self-cleaning, self-regenerating sensors and identified and quantified in minutes, instead of the hours or days it takes with existing technology. With these advantages, BiSen Tech’s biosensor technology will change the pathogen detection paradigm.


There is an urgent need for rapid detection and identification of harmful microbes before human exposure to contaminated air, food, or water.  BiSen Tech’s pathogen detection system a high-demand technology worldwide in the homeland security, food safety, municipal water, and medical diagnostics sectors.

Without widespread instantaneous pathogen detection capabilities, infectious diseases can spread rapidly,  shutting much of the world down, as we experienced with  Covid-19. Immediate point-of-care pathogen detection and identification technology will make it possible to quickly stop the spread of disease, thereby protecting human health and lives, safeguarding economic well-being and global stability. 


Reported occurrences of foodborne illnesses caused by food contamination are on the rise worldwide -1 in 10 people become ill each year. Protecting our food supply from pathogens requires continuous pathogen monitoring throughout the food chain to discover harmful microbes before food is purchased and used by consumers.  

Why BiSen Tech

Changing the paradigm for pathogen detection and identification.


Current microbe detection and identification technologies cannot fulfill the need for rapid detection and identification of air- and waterborne pathogens. With continuous on-site environmental monitoring capabilities, BiSen Tech’s patented biosensor technology can detect and identify pathogens, including protozoa, bacteria, and viruses, and determine pathogen concentration nearly instantaneously with unprecedented single-cell or single-virus sensitivity. Low operating cost makes it possible to prevent human exposure to harmful pathogens and save lives worldwide. 

BiSen Tech's recent proposal to NASA elicited the following comments:
"BiSen's sensor technology is the next-generation technology for the detection of microbes."
"This technology can fundamentally change how pathogen detection is conducted."

Join us in making real-time pathogen detection a reality.

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